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August 22nd - Watertown, SD

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We liked the course so much Saturday we ran most of it again on Sunday. In an amazing display of lack of leadership and lazyiness, we changed the start and finish and altered the dreaded box so that it was a problem both coming and going. Still, no complaints. The pinch point was still the box and everybody still knew it and almost everybody still hit it.

Turnout was great for a SCCS event. We had monster classes of CSP and ST with good turnouts in AS, GS and CP.

Class Car Color Name   Best Time Bumped Class
CP Mustang Black Todd Spies 56.248 CP
CP Mustang Green Jerome Sybrant 57.595 CP
CP Mustang Green Juan Nazario 58.752 CP
CP Mustang Red Chris Miller 61.277 CP
ASP M3 White Russ Wiles 53.363 ASP
ESP Contour SVT Silver Carl Wieman 59.959 ASP
SS NSX Black Joey Keyman 60.202 ASP
SS Camaro SS Blue David Bridenstine 67.15 ASP
CSP M3 Black Mike Bartley 55.187 CSP
CSP Miata Black Tony Javarek 57.789 CSP
CSP Integra Black Ray Bridenstine 57.816 CSP
BS Miata Red Stephan Jones 58.038 CSP
CSP Integra Black Travis Dangel 58.673 CSP
CSP Miata Black Andrew Javarek 60.67 CSP
CSP Prelude Black Bill Thompson 63.257 CSP
CSP Alfa Romeo Green Pat Costello 66.967 CSP
DSP Swift Black Robert Hegge 62.609 DSP
DSP MG Green Brian Erickson 63.109 DSP
DSP VW Red Jason DeJode 63.825 DSP
AS M3 Red Jim Wiles 56.891 AS
AS 911 Black Tim Peterson 57.049 AS
AS MR2 Black Ron Palmer 59.876 AS
FS Mustang Gray Dave Wiese 61.158 AS
AS 300ZX turbo Silver Herb Wiswall 65.235 AS
DS Neon Black Keith Austin 59.378 CS
CS RX-7 Blue Marc Spies 59.818 CS
DS Neon Red Heath Peterson 60.678 CS
CS RX-7 Purple John Russell 61.359 CS
CS 944 Black Darrell Frett 62.948 CS
HS MG White Steve Schultz 62.94 ES
ES Golf Orange Terry Haagenstad 66.804 ES
ES Golf Conv. Red Paul Grupman 67.006 ES
GS Contour SVT Silver Matt Wieman 58.144 GS
GS Golf VR6 Red Chris Long 60.29 GS
GS Probe White Harry Aro 61.174 GS
GS Probe Red Elaine Carey 66.369 GS
GS Contour SVT Silver Denise Wieman 66.59 GS
ST Intregra Green Corey Thorson 63.313 ST
ST Fiero Red Jason Rollings 63.571 ST
ST Civic Silver Misha Morrow 65.841 ST
ST Feiro Red Brad Hatle 68.969 ST
ST Fiero Gold James Fox 70.22 ST
ST Mitsu White Travis Stuntebeck 73.291 ST
F125     Dan Wieman 64.818 EX