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May 23rd - Watertown, SD

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Class Bumped
Car Driver Best Time Place
Pax Time Place
ASP ASP BMW M3 CSL Russ Wiles 42.615 1 36.30798 1
BP BP Mallett Corvette Mark Shutlz 43.951 2 38.413174 4
AS AS BMW M3 James Wiles 45.632 3 37.19008 2
CSP CSP BMW M3 Mike Bartley 45.724 4 38.591056 5
CP CP Mustang Todd Spies 46.099 5 39.506843 7
AS AS 911 Tim Peterson 46.289 6 37.725535 3
CSP CSP BMW Matt Bartley 47.563 7 40.143172 8
BS AS Miata Tony Javurek 47.617 8 38.617387 6
CS CS RX-7 John Russell 50.357 9 40.386314 10
ST ST Prelude Bill Thompson 50.442 10 40.3536 9
DS CS Neon Heath Peterson 50.707 11 40.5656 11
ST ST Civic Larry Hascle 52.577 12 42.0616 12
CS CS RX-7 Mark Spies 52.737 13 42.295074 13
ST ST Integra Ray Bridenstine 52.939 14 42.3512 14
ST ST CRX Travis Dangel 52.974 15 42.3792 15
AS AS Cobra SVT Oscar Hanson 53.212 16 43.36778 17
CS CS RX-7 Tim Pahl 53.562 17 42.956724 16

This was the first event for the SCCS and the first event for our new timer. The timer will get a new track sensor and the display will get new software. This will correct all of our problems we had during this shakedown event.

Turnout was normal for our event and the track was universally liked. It was fast and flowing, generally the way most SCCS events are.

Bartley was fast in practice but the day brought fast but somewhat off pace times for Mike. Matt ran the new 325i race car to a decent showing. You can tell from the results that we had some very close times in clumps. Jim Wiles run very well as did Mark Shultz. I was also impressed by Todd's runs. Tony was his typical smoothness and almost went unnoticed except that his times were fast. Thanks for all our new comers for attending and helping. See you at the next event .

There was some interest in having a Solo II school. Show me the money.